Journey to Yoga

I began my journey with yoga in 2001. After experiencing many injuries from dancing professionally, I decided to take yoga classes in Dayton, Ohio for restoration and healing. While visiting a friend in Columbus, Ohio I took a primary series Ashtanga class. I immediately fell in love with Ashtanga since it required discipline, focus and physical strength, but most importantly because there was a strong connection with breath and movement. I continued to study Ashtanga with the teachers at Yoga on High (Columbus, Ohio), and had the honor to train with David Swenson on two workshops. Throughout the last 18 years, I have learned and enriched my yoga practice through self-study and taking classes from numerous teachers across the country within many styles (Hot, Acro, Nidra, Bikram, Hatha, Yin, Power/Vinyasa and Ashtanga). I have taught yoga to dancers and college students interested in physical fitness. Recently, I was able to fulfill a longtime dream to travel to India in order to deepen my practice and obtain my 200-Hour Teacher Training and Certification.



Yoga is a process of self-realization helping  us reconnect with our innate capacity for peace, joy and consciousness. These connections  ultimately allow deeper connections with nature and others.  Asana practice is only but a small percentage of yoga;  I find that true yoga practice is in our actions, thoughts and words, to self and others. I believe that we can master the mind through the mastering of our bodies via asana practice. Therefore, I encourage students in my classes to maintain focus during practice and compassionately push their bodies beyond their comfort zones to increase flexibility, concentration, strength and stamina.  


Class Description

My yoga classes are dynamic, encouraging and inspired by the Ashtanga tradition; I design powerful, energetic sequences that emphasize fluid motions from one pose to the next while connecting breathing to movements. The sequences incorporate strength, flexibility, balance, and physical/mental stamina in one session. Sequences are modified in intensify, duration and frequency in order to challenge the body and mind, and lastly accommodate for the various levels of practice. In these sessions I incorporate chanting, meditation and pranayama.